Try Something New With CBD Drinks

Mainstream CBD strives to provide our customers with the best quality CBD products on the market today. We carefully select products from other quality manufacturers and brands to offer both online and in our local CBD stores.

One of the newer options in CBD formulations is Delta 9 THC and CBD infused drinks. These are great to enjoy in the summer on a hot afternoon or an alternative to alcoholic beverages at any time of the year.

Options in CBD Drinks

Our CBD drinks contain Delta 9 THC, which means the THC is hemp derived. As there are different laws in Minnesota, not all of these drinks are available at our locations in MN.

We offer Looner, Trail Magic, Melt, and HHC Seltzer. The HHC seltzer combines 10mg each of HHC, CBG, and CBD for the same general effects of Delta 9 without the THC.

As you would expect, CBD infused drinks come in delicious flavors. Our HHC Seltzer is available in watermelon and berry, while the Looner THC beverage and soda varieties come in wild grape and sweet orange. Trail Magic has a sparkling mimosa flavor, or try the classic Arnie Palmer, half iced tea and lemonade, as the perfect afternoon drink.

The Melt Seltzers use real fruit and offer zero sugars and alcohol while still providing 10mg THC. The blood orange raspberry vanilla flavor is both unique and delicious.

Our CBD infused drinks are available in single cans or four packs. If you need any assistance with your order, reach out to our team online.