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Insight Brewing Flavor Pixels Mix Pack

Insight Brewing Flavor Pixels Mix Pack

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Welcome to Insight at Mainstream CBD

Elevate Your Refreshment

At Mainstream CBD, we are thrilled to offer Insight, a sophisticated line of THC-infused beverages designed to enhance your relaxation experience. Our new 12-pack, called Flavor Pixels, provides a variety of refreshing flavors with each can containing 5mg of THC. Discover the delightful assortment of Insight flavors on our website and in our stores.

Discover Insight Flavor Pixels

  • Blackberry: Savor the rich and juicy taste of Insight’s Blackberry. This flavor offers a deep and sweet berry experience, perfect for a refreshing and satisfying drink.

  • Lemon Lime: Enjoy the crisp and zesty combination of Insight’s Lemon Lime. This flavor blends the tartness of lemon with the tangy notes of lime, creating a revitalizing and invigorating beverage.

  • Pineapple: Indulge in the tropical taste of Insight’s Pineapple. This flavor delivers the sweet and tangy essence of ripe pineapple, making every sip feel like a sunny escape.

  • Tangerine: Delight in the bright and citrusy taste of Insight’s Tangerine. This flavor offers a sweet and tangy profile that’s both refreshing and uplifting.

Why Choose Insight at Mainstream CBD?

Mainstream CBD is dedicated to providing high-quality, trusted products, and Insight is no exception. We carefully select our offerings to ensure you get the best THC-infused beverages available. Whether you’re new to THC drinks or a seasoned enthusiast, Insight offers a flavorful and reliable way to enjoy your favorite beverages with an extra boost of relaxation.

Visit Mainstream CBD or stop by one of our stores to explore the Insight collection. Elevate your refreshment game with Insight and discover the perfect blend of flavor and relaxation.

Shop Insight at Mainstream CBD

Sip back, relax, and let Insight take you on a flavorful journey with our Flavor Pixels 12-pack, available at Mainstream CBD.

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