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Highly Concentr8ed 1mL Cart (Knockout 2.0 Blend)

Highly Concentr8ed 1mL Cart (Knockout 2.0 Blend)

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Revitalize Your Senses with the Wrecked 2.0 Blend Cartridge

At Mainstream CBD, we're excited to offer the new Wrecked 2.0 Blend Cartridge from Highly Concentr8ed. This powerful hybrid blend is designed to revitalize your senses and provide an unparalleled experience of euphoria and relaxation.

Discover the Wrecked 2.0 Blend

Our Wrecked 2.0 Blend Cartridge features a potent combination of cannabinoids, delivering a balanced and powerful effect:

  • 84% HHC: Provides a smooth, euphoric base.
  • 8% HHCP: Amplifies the experience with its strong, long-lasting effects.
  • 5% CBC: Rounds out the formula, enhancing the overall effect and promoting balance.
  • 3% THCB: Adds an extra layer of potency to the blend.

Available Strain

Golden Ticket: A hybrid strain that offers the best of both worlds. Golden Ticket delivers a balanced experience, combining the relaxing effects of an indica with the uplifting properties of a sativa. Its unique profile makes it perfect for those seeking a versatile and potent cartridge.

Why Choose the Wrecked 2.0 Blend Cartridge at Mainstream CBD?

Mainstream CBD is dedicated to providing high-quality, trusted products, and the Wrecked 2.0 Blend Cartridge is no exception. Our selection ensures you enjoy the finest THC-infused cartridges, designed for both experienced users and adventurous newcomers. Each cartridge offers a flavorful and effective way to experience the benefits of cannabinoids, perfect for relaxation and revitalization.

Visit to explore the Wrecked 2.0 Blend Cartridge and experience the unique effects of this potent blend.

Shop the Wrecked 2.0 Blend Cartridge at Mainstream CBD Website:

Embark on a journey of relaxation and revitalization with the Wrecked 2.0 Blend Cartridge, available at Mainstream CBD. Enjoy responsibly!

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