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Highly Concentr8ed 1mL Cart (Focus Blend)

Highly Concentr8ed 1mL Cart (Focus Blend)

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Boost Your Day with the Focus Blend Cartridge

At Mainstream CBD, we're thrilled to offer the new Focus Blend Cartridge, a scientifically formulated blend designed to elevate your day. Perfect for those seeking clarity and calm, this 1mL cart provides uplifting effects to help you stay focused while soothing your nerves.

Discover the Focus Blend

Our Focus Blend Cartridge consists of a meticulously crafted ratio of cannabinoids:

  • 50% HHC: Delivers a smooth, uplifting experience.
  • 15% THCv: Known for its energizing and focus-enhancing properties.
  • 15% CBG: Promotes mental clarity and supports a calm, focused state.
  • 10% H4CBD: Adds a soothing layer to reduce stress.
  • 5% CBDv: Enhances the overall balancing effect.
  • 5% CBC: Contributes to the entourage effect, enhancing the benefits of other cannabinoids.

Available Strains

Wifi OG: A potent and aromatic strain, Wifi OG offers a perfect balance of euphoria and relaxation. Ideal for those moments when you need to stay sharp and focused while maintaining a sense of calm.

Gelonade: This vibrant strain combines the refreshing flavor of lemon with a hint of sweetness, providing an invigorating and uplifting experience. Perfect for jump-starting your day with clarity and energy.

Why Choose the Focus Blend Cartridge at Mainstream CBD?

Mainstream CBD is committed to providing high-quality, trusted products, and the Focus Blend Cartridge is no exception. Our selection ensures you enjoy the best THC-infused cartridges, tailored to enhance your focus and well-being. Each cartridge offers a flavorful and effective way to experience the benefits of cannabinoids, perfect for both new and seasoned users.

Visit to explore the Focus Blend Cartridge and choose your favorite strain. Elevate your focus and well-being with this expertly crafted blend.

Shop the Focus Blend Cartridge at Mainstream CBD Website:

Kick off your slippers and jump-start your day with the Focus Blend Cartridge, available at Mainstream CBD. Enjoy responsibly!

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