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Coast CBD Smokes

Coast CBD Smokes

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Taste the rich and luscious berry for a deeper kind of sweetness and a new type of fruit punch with these CBD prerolled smokes.

CBD & CBG paired with the perfect amount of rich berry

2000 MG CBD & 400 MG CBG Per Pack (20 sticks)

100MG CBD + 20 MG CBG Per Stick

Small Batch Organic Hemp

Slow Cured for a smooth taste and mouth feel

THC Free, Non Addictive

Available in natural, menthol and pineapple.

The Convenience Of CBD Pre Rolls

Pre Rolls have always been a fan favorite for cannabis consumers because of their portability and convenience. CBD Pre Rolls are a fantastic option if you enjoy smoking flower but don’t have time to roll up.

Mainstream CBD stocks Coast CBD smokes, which are a top option in CBD pre rolls. Unlike some other types of pre-rolls, these CBD pre rolls come in a variety of different flavors, which is a great way to tailor your experience.

Flavor Options

Coast CBD pre-rolls are available in three different flavor choices. The natural flavor is the traditional, earthly, rich hemp flavor that is perfect to enjoy at any time. Pineapple smokes provide the tangy, sweet, tropical fruit flavor of pineapple, which also has a slightly fruit punch flavor. This is great for evening relaxation.

These CBD pre roll smokes also come in a menthol flavor. This flavor is always a favorite with the distinctive menthol flavor combining with the natural hemp for a satisfying experience.

Our pre rolled hemp is also available in multiple cannabinoids as well, at Mainstream CBD we offer HHC and Delta 8 pre rolls.

The Details

Coast pre-rolls offer CBD and CBG in perfect ratios to add to your well-being. There is 2000mg of CBD and 400mg of CBG in the pack of 20 pre-rolls. Made with organic, small batch hemp, these offer an amazing smoking experience to add to your CBD product collection.

Pre-rolls are convenient, consistently rolled, and offer a hassle-free way to enjoy a smoke. They are packed in a resealable pouch, so they are always fresh and flavorful.

For more information about any of our CBD products, reach out to Mainstream CBD online.

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