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Bearly Legal HHC Smokes

Bearly Legal HHC Smokes

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*Hudson, WI or Online Only, NOT available in MN stores*

A Game Changer. At Bearly Legal we have created the perfect blend of HHC and A+ Hemp Flower with professional grade cigarette manufacturing processes to deliver the ultimate smoking experiences and the best HHC infused Hemp Smokes on the market.

Slightly stronger than our delta-8 infused cigarettes these will delight just about any smoker including those with a higher tolerance.

Each Pack Includes:

  • 20 Filtered Prerolled HHC Infused Hemp Cigarettes
  • 1,000mg (1 gram) HHC Per Pack
  • 50mg HHC Per Cigarette
  • Thats like 20 prerolled joints!
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