Options In Delta 8 Distillate

Mainstream CBD sells a line of Delta 8 distillate products both online and in some of our locations. As with all CBD products, different states have the ability to stipulate what products can and cannot be sold in stores, and Mainstream CBD complies fully with all state and federal regulations.

Our Delta 8 distillate is the ideal choice for those who enjoy dabbing, cooking with CBD, or making your own edibles. This concentrated distillate is very pure and potent and offers a quality product for those who want more from their cannabinoids.

Strains To Purchase

The Mainstream CBD brand of distillate comes in a variety of strains, allowing you to choose your favorite or select for wellness benefits. This is a great product that stores well, and many of our customers stock up on various strains to ensure they have the right CBD for their needs.

We offer Delta 8 distillate for Sativa, Indica, and hybrid enthusiasts. Our Sativa selection includes Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, and Sour Diesel. Look for Wedding Cake and Fruity Pebbles if you like hybrids, and our Blueberry Kush, OG Kush, and Granddaddy Purple if you want the relaxation benefits of an Indica.

Quality Products

We make it easy to buy Delta 8 distillate online with confidence. All our products have a Certificate of Analysis that is readily available through our website, allowing you to check the cannabinoids and potency of all products.

We also have exceptional customer service, and if you have any questions, send us a message online, and we will be happy to provide an answer.