About Us


 Our Vision

Our vision at Mainstream CBD is to be the most trusted local manufacturer of hemp-derived products by staying true to our core values of genuine integrity, promoting wellbeing, and producing products of top quality. We strive to change and legitimize the stigma around the cannabis industry, one conversation at a time.

Our Mission

Our mission at Mainstream CBD is to help good people become their best selves. Driven by a clinical approach to consumption and the individual wellbeing of our customers, we pride ourselves on manufacturing top quality hemp-derived products that can be trusted to enhance the consumer experience.

Core Values

Trust and Integrity

A strong moral compass guides all our business decisions and is a priority for everyone representing the organization.  At Mainstream CBD we build trust through transparent, honest, and meaningful conversations with our customers. 

Promoting Wellbeing

It is our focus to change the conversation around cannabis with a clinical and compassionate approach to business. We aim to promote individual wellbeing, open minds, and lift spirits with the benefits of cannabis consumption. 

Top Quality Products

Our passion for the industry and commitment our customers is what drives us to locally manufacture top quality products. Gaining consumer trust, improving wellbeing, and having meaningful conversations can only be made possible by starting with the best local products.